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Tomato Roma – plum tomato

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Price: £1.15.

Pot size: 9cm.

This is a semi-bush, plum tomato variety that has been especially bred for making ketchup, tomato juice and soups. It produces juicy, delicious almost seed-free fruits. It is a heavy cropper and can be grown outside or in an unheated greenhouse.

Semi-bush varieties normally can be treated as you would a bush variety but they may need support and some trimming of foliage just to keep them in good condition.

With bush varieties, branches rather than a main stem develop and they prefer to spread out rather than grow upwards, so they need no support and subsequently are great for growing outside.

Plant into a patio pot (30cm wide) or growbag from late May/early June in an unheated greenhouse or outside, once the risk of frost has passed, in a sheltered position in full sun. Water well when dry, check by pushing your finger into the soil/compost and if it feels dry around the plant then water it.

Feed with a high potash fertiliser when the flowers start to appear to help encourage more flowers and for them to then become fruits.

Harvest (depending on when planted out): July, August and September.

For more hints and tips check out our tomato blog here.

This plant is in stock from April through to June. Outside of these times it can be pre-ordered for the following season or year when it will be available again and will be dispatched as soon as it is in stock. 

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