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Tomato ‘Golden Crown’

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Price: £1.15 per plant.

Pot size: 9cm.

Golden Crown is an early cherry tomato with lovely sunshine yellow, round fruit. A very, sweet and tasty alternative to the red tomato and a perfect companion to it too.

Great to liven up those summer salads and a dinner table talking point. Suitable for growing in the greenhouse or outdoors.

Cordons grow tall so need support, such as canes, you need to remove their side shoots, these are shoots that appear between another shoot and the stem. After they have ‘set’ (created) four or five ‘trusses’ (side shoots with flowers on), you also need to remove their growing tip (the top of the plant) when it has grown to the height you’d prefer.

Plant into a growbag from May/early June in an unheated greenhouse or outside once the risk of frost has passed in a sunny position. Water well when dry, check by pushing your finger into the soil/compost and if it feels dry around the plant then water it.

Feed with a high potash fertiliser when the flowers start to appear to help encourage more flowers and for them to then become fruits.

Harvest (depending on when planted out): June, July and August.

For more hints and tips check out our tomato blog here.

This plant is in stock from April through to June. Outside of these times it can be pre-ordered for the following season or year when it will be available again and will be dispatched as soon as it is in stock. 

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