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Onion – Centurion

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Size: 50 sets.

One of the earliest varieties. It has excellent skin quality and a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

Plant in a weed-free, well-drained bed in a sunny position in March/April.

Push the onion sets (which are the bulbs or onions you are planting) into the ground 10cm apart in rows, with 30cm between each row. As it is fast growing it is not so perturbed by weeds.

Water onions in dry weather but do not over water them – go for the rule of a little and often.

In general onions should be harvested when the leaves turn yellow and collapse. Do this in a dry period and allow the onions to dry thoroughly.

Gently clean the onions, then leave them to dry, ideally outside under cover.

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