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Noble fresh cut Christmas tree

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Between 4ft and 5ft (approx. 120cm and 150cm) - £42.50

Between 5ft and 6ft (approx. 150cm and 180cm) - £62.50

Between 5.8ft and 7ft (approx. 175cm and 210cm) - £62.50

Between 7ft and 8ft (approx. 210cm and 240cm) - £82.50.

Noble firs have stunning soft, greeny-blue needles and compact branches. They have a wonderful fragrance that adds a festive scent to the home and also exhibit excellent needle retention and strong dense foliage that’s great for decorating.

One of the benefits of having a real Christmas tree is that they are much better for the environment. They are grown as a field crop so as soon as one is cut, another is planted. Although they aren’t carbon neutral, Christmas trees help to reduce greenhouse gases by absorbing carbon dioxide while they are growing, and once the twelfth night comes they can be made into chippings or mulch too.

When you buy a cut tree, as soon as you get it home store it somewhere cool. Away from wind and sunlight. Also put the base of the tree in a bucket of water to prevent dehydration.

When you are ready to put your tree up, you should cut off 25-50 millimetres or one-two inches from the base of the tree before putting it in a stand that has water holding facilities. By doing this you will have broken the natural seal on the base of the trunk and the tree will be able to take up as much water as it requires.

Before bringing your tree inside hold the tree upright and bang the bottom of the trunk onto the ground. This will remove any old needles.

A cut tree will require water every day. Do not allow the tree to dry out.

Once the tree is in its stand and in the correct spot remove the netting it has been covered with.

Avoid placing the tree near a fire, radiator or warm lighting as it will dry out with the potential effect of causing needle drop or drooping branches.

It’s also important to measure the height of the room too as you don’t want to buy a tree that’s too small or one that will scrape the ceiling. For expert tips on how to decorate your tree check out our blog on the topic here, for lights visit our Christmas light section, for baubles visit all that glitters, festive folk or colours of Christmas and for the fairy or star on top, pop over to our tree toppers section.

If you live in Somerset or Dorset delivery is free or you can click and collect for free. Please select your delivery option at checkout.

For those outside Somerset and Dorset packaging and delivery for Christmas trees is charged at £20 per tree, please select this option at checkout.

If your order comes to more than £80 P&P is free.

Our Christmas trees are available until Monday, December 19, 2016 dependent on stock levels.

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