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Mirabelle (Prunus) ‘Golden Sphere®’

Mirabelle (Prunus) ‘Golden Sphere®’

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Pot size: 12 litre.

A bush variety (St Julien A rootstock) of plum with large yellow, almost translucent fruits that are a spectacular sight.

They have a firm, crunchy, fresh plum flavour. Pick late August. Great for cooking and eating.

It will reach an eventual height of approximately 3.6 metres. Prefers a well-drained yet moist soil in a sunny position. British-grown.

A bush fruit tree is a freestanding tree. It has a short (between 60-80cms) straight trunk when planted before the initial branches that form a rounded crown eventually. Once planted it will grow from the ends of its branches while the trunk stays the same height.

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