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Green Manure Grazing Rye

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Size: 80g. 

Sow August to October. Do not confuse with ryegrass. An excellent nitrogen lifter.

Produces an extensive root system and plenty of leaf growth to suppress weeds and improve soil structure.

Continues to grow during cold weather. Ideal for overwintering to dig in during spring.

Sow from August to October to overwinter to dig or rotavate in spring. Roughly dig over the soil removing any weeds. Lightly tread over the soil. Broadcast (scatter) the seed over the soil surface and carefully rake the soil and water well in.

During dry periods it may be necessary to water until the green manure establishes.

Slower growing to provide a lush carpet of leaves, which continue to grow over winter and produce an extensive root system to store nutrients.

Dig in or rotavate in spring. 

From Thompson & Morgan.

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