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Green Manure Buckwheat

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Size: 80g. 

Sow May to August. A short term summer green manure with fast growing foliage to suppress weeds. Deep rooting to absorb nutrients from deep in the soil. If left to flower it does attract beneficial hoverflies.

Dig in before harsh frosts. Buckwheat decomposes quickly for excellent humus formation and improvement to soil structure and moisture retention.

Sow from May to August after all risk of frost, whenever the soil is vacant for at least 2 months, or where there is an area which requires increased fertility.

Roughly dig over the soil removing any weeds. Lightly tread over the soil. Broadcast (scatter) the seed over the soil surface and carefully rake the soil and water well in.

During dry periods it may be necessary to water until the green manure establishes.

Allow the plants to develop for 60-90 days, usually just before flowering, although the flowers attract beneficial hoverflies.

Taller, stronger plants will draw up further minerals and will need chopping up prior to digging or rotavating in, but will provide increased bulky organic matter to the soil. 

From Thompson & Morgan.

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