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Damson (Prunus) ‘Merryweather’

Damson (Prunus) ‘Merryweather’

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Pot size: 12 litre.

A self-fertile (so does not need a pollinator), half-standard (St Julien A rootstock). A large plum-sized damson that has reliable heavy crops. Good for cooking or as a dessert fruit. Pick in late September.

Fine in all soils, prefers full sun. Height and spread: 2.5m. British-grown.

A half standard fruit tree is a freestanding tree. It has a straight trunk when planted that is around 100-120cms in height before its initial branches. It will eventually have a round head of branches that will be approximately 3 metres across and 3 metres high.

Its plant growth occurs at the tip of its branches and its trunk height will remain the same during its lifetime. A half standard fruit tree will ultimately reach around 4 metres in height.

Don’t forget all our plants come with a five-year hardy plant guarantee.

Please don’t worry if your plant arrives looking slightly different to the image here. Plants can look different depending on the time of year when purchased. Available all year round.

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