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Crocus ‘Blue’

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Number of bulbs (sold loose): approx 30 per bag.

A large flowering blue crocus that is ideal for naturalising in lawns, beds and borders for a bold splash of colour in the spring and is also bee-friendly. Flowers March/April and reaches a height of 10cm.

Crocus prefer a well-drained soil and are ideal for rockeries and containers. Plant in full sun or partial shade. Crocus spread rapidly and should be lifted every 2-3 years after the foliage fades, divided and replanted. Bulbs must not be eaten. Plant August onwards at a planting depth of 5cm, 10cm apart.

For information and ideas about bulb planting, please visit our blog.

Buy from mid to late August until November each year. At other times of the year you can pre-order your bulbs to be dispatched when they become available again and we will hold the price on these to that of the year you are ordering in. So you can save money by pre-ordering for next year now.

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