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Clay Breaker

Clay Breaker

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Size: 2.5kg.

Vitax Clay Breaker is formulated to break up the heaviest clay, making the soil easier to work. Supplied in an easy to handle granular form, it should be applied in the autumn after roughly digging the affected area.

The clay breakdown agent does not damage the soil pH, but makes it much easier to work.

Its use also improves drainage and enhances the warmth of the soil to promote earlier crop development. Vitax Clay Breaker can be used in all areas of the garden and can be applied as an autumn top dressing on lawns.

For vegetable and flowerbeds, apply Clay Breaker before planting or directly on to the beds. The clay breakdown agent will not damage soil pH. Makes soil easier to work, improves drainage and enhances soil warmth for earlier crop growing.

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