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Charlotte – second early, salad potato

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Charlotte is a second early, salad potato that produces delicious pear-shaped, yellow skinned, waxy potatoes with creamy flesh. They can be boiled and eaten either hot or cold.

It has a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

It prefers sun to partial shade and a moist well-drained soil. Plant second early potato crops from March.

Before planting, allow the seed potatoes to ‘chit’ or sprout by putting them out in a cool, temperature of around 10°C, but bright room.

When growing in the ground avoid planting in an area where potatoes have grown for two years previously to reduce the risk of disease. Remember to mark your rows with labels.

Harvest when the foliage begins to turn yellow and dies back in June.

If you’re new to growing your own potatoes then check out our easy to use blog guide for details including a glossary of terms.

We only supply certified Scottish seed potatoes ensuring crop quality.

Available in packs of five tubers for £3.

Seed potatoes are usually available from January until May. Outside this period they can be pre-ordered for the next time they are in-stock. Potatoes ordered this year for delivery next year will be charged at this year’s prices. So get ahead and save money too by pre-ordering your seed potatoes. As soon as your seed potatoes become available they will be dispatched so you ought to be able to receive them at the very start of the season.

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