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Blue Spruce pot-grown Christmas tree

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Between 2ft and 2.7ft (approx. 60cm and 80cm) - £28
Between 2.7ft and 3.3ft (approx. 80cm and 100cm) - £34.

This tree is a blue-grey colour and as such provides a stunning backdrop or foil for decorations. Its sturdy, ample branches, festive fragrance and good needle retention make it a joy to decorate.

Once you receive your tree help reduce its exposure to stress by keeping it outdoors for as long as possible. Move it indoors the weekend before Christmas and try to have it on show in a cool room. Do not keep it in the house for longer than 12 days but if it looks unhappy at any point pop it back outside as soon as possible. Keep it well watered when inside.

You can grow it in the garden or in a container after the festivities have ended. When taking the tree out after Christmas let it acclimatise to being outside again in a very sheltered position near the house or in a garage for a day or so before moving it to its final position.

It will need to be re-potted into a bigger pot, early each spring preferably. It can be brought in as before each year for the Yuletide period while it is still easy to handle. It will flourish and look healthier if it is fed during the growing season. Re-pot into a pot that is at least 10cm larger in diameter. Use a multipurpose potting compost, add some bark (around a 10th of the overall mix) to help with drainage. In the spring feed weekly with a liquid fertiliser. Don’t allow the tree to dry out.

If you live in Somerset or Dorset delivery is free or you can click and collect for free. Please select your delivery option at checkout.

For those outside Somerset and Dorset packaging and delivery for Christmas trees is charged at £20 per tree, please select this option at checkout.

If your order comes to more than £80 P&P is free.

Our Christmas trees are available until Monday, December 19, 2016 dependent on stock levels. 

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