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Beetroot Boltardy

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Seeds: 350 seeds per packet

Beetroot Boltardy is one of the best beetroots and a gardener’s favourite. Good quality, round, dark-red, well-flavoured roots up to 10cm across, with deep red, crisp, sweet flesh.

Sow from March when the ground is warm or 2-4 weeks before last expected frost.

Prepare the soil well by raking until it is fine and crumbly, removing any large stones. Make 1cm shallow channels (drills) in the soil spaced 30cm apart. Comes with seed tape. Separate the seed tape at the perforation and if necessary cut to the desired length. Water the open drill so that the seed tape sticks to the soil well. Place the seed tape in the seed drill, along each row. Cover seed tapes and gently firm the soil down using the back of a rake.

Water regularly and keep moist but not over wet. Harvest at about 4cm in diameter or more. The smaller the root the better the quality.

Harvest July, August and September. Remember to mark your rows with labels.

From Thompson & Morgan.

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