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Azalea AIKO red

Azalea AIKO red

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Pot size: 32cm

A great houseplant to enhance your home with a dramatic splash of colour. It needs lots of light, but avoid direct sunlight and keep it away from heaters and radiators.

It prefers a normal room temperature (15-25°C) and a moist root ball, but dislikes sitting in water. Every three days, water your AIKO. The day after watering, remove the excess water in the cover pot or the saucer. Or, once or twice per week, submerge your AIKO into a bucket of water until all the air has been expelled from the root ball.

Team with a ceramic over pot to cover the plastic pot it comes in. 

This item can be gift wrapped for free. If you would like this please let us know when you get to the checkout by filling in the link entitled - tell us about any special instructions.  

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