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A natural way to keep slugs and snails off your plants

DO YOU have a problem with slugs and snails in your garden? Looking for a natural and organic way to keep them at bay? Try this award-winning product.

Slug Gone is produced from wool and supplied in pellets. It acts as a deterrent to slugs and snails. It is new in at the virtual garden centre www.potterandrest.co.uk.

Slug Gone – wool slug pellets
1 litre bag – £3.50
3.5 litre bag – £6.35

Simply lay the pellets on top of the compost in your pots and containers, then water. The pellets will ‘self-felt’ to form a continuous mat around the stems of plants. The tiny fibres become an irritant to slugs/snails and the mat absorbs the moisture from their feet.

Slug Gone contains naturally occurring slow release nutrients that will help feed plants as well as improving moisture retention.

Slug Gone is safe to use around children and pets, and is made from British Wool.

www.potterandrest.co.uk aims to be the largest ‘true’ garden centre online with free expert advice available to gardeners via telephone and social media backed by a five-year plant guarantee.

There is an emphasis on British grown plants and products wherever possible and some of the products and plant collections are not currently available in other garden centres in the real or virtual world.

The e-garden centre hopes to appeal to all levels of gardeners from complete novices to keen amateurs and on to expert gardeners.

For further details, please visit www.potterandrest.co.uk, call 01278 440500 or email hello@potterandrest.co.uk.

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