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10 top gardening tips for selling your home in summer

GARDENING guru Peter Burks* from the online garden centre www.potterandrest.co.uk is offering a whole host of tips for selling your home this summer (2017) by ensuring your outdoor area looks its best.

Gardens, patios and green spaces are now even more important than ever when it comes to selling property.

Peter says: “Having an outdoor area is an asset and making it look as inviting and appealing as possible will help potential buyers envisage relaxing, entertaining and gardening in the space too.”

Follow Peter’s handy hints below:

Keep things tidy

Whatever the season your garden or patio, front and back, must be kept as tidy as possible. In the autumn and winter, leaves and debris can cause problems. Do a daily inspection and sweep up anything you find.

All year round it’s really important to ensure flower beds are well weeded, use bark to help suppress the weeds and keep beds tidy, lawns must be mowed regularly and hedges trimmed. Front gardens are part of your property’s kerb appeal so pay extra special attention to them, especially if your home is prone to having litter from the street blowing in.

Remember to pop your rubbish bins somewhere unobtrusive so that they don’t ruin the ambience.

Ensure boundary fencing is tidy and kept in good repair too.

Cutting lawns in the summer months and tidying flowerbeds will also help make your garden look larger.

Dress your outdoor space

In the summer months, it’s easier to dress your garden for a sale by using props such as hanging baskets, pots of plants, furniture and equipment like barbecues. These not only introduce colour and charm they also help potential buyers envisage how they might use the space.

Keep everything in good order

If you have a shed make sure it is neat and tidy, with doors and locks working and woodwork painted/treated. With a greenhouse, even if you don’t use it, you do need to be sure there is no broken glass and it looks safe. If it is very derelict, then it may be better to remove it completely and use the base as a feature area for pots of plants. Oil any squeaky gates and again ensure with gates and fences that the woodwork has been treated or painted.

Get rid of the clutter

Clear out any outhouses, garages, sheds and greenhouses. Remove the debris and the clutter and be prepared to make several trips to the recycling centre/tip. Keep things in storage boxes and remove the dust and cobwebs.

Children’s and animals’ toys

These can be a bit of an eye sore so make sure there is space somewhere to store then away when potential buyers are coming to look around.

Give your garden a clean

Everything looks better when it has been cleaned. There are lots of specialist cleaning materials and tools available to get patios, decking and furniture all sparkly. If you have pets pick up any mess.

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