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How to propagate strawberries

Posted on July 11, 2017 by Potter & Rest

Strawberry plants have a three-year cycle. In the first three years, you should get a crop, but after three years the plants will need replacing.

A cost-effective way to do this is to propagate the runners, that grow from the plants in the first year.

A runner is a mini-plant that grows from the main plant. If you’re growing your strawberries in a pot, then when the runners are long enough to reach the ground they need to be secured or ‘pegged down’ into a small pot of compost (while still attached to the main plant) so that the runner can establish roots.

If your runners are from strawberries growing in the ground, select 4 or 5 and peg these down directly into the soil usually in June or July, while still attached to the main plant. If the runners aren’t in the location where you want them to grow, you can move them, the best time to do this is in September.

Whether the runners are pegged into the ground or into pots, in August, when the runner plants are well established, cut them from the main plant and water well.

Runners shouldn’t be allowed to fruit in their first year, remove any flowers, this helps the plant establish strong roots.

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