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Don’t stress out your plants while you’re away on holiday

Posted on August 18, 2016 by Potter & Rest

While you’re on holiday your plants are likely to get stressed if they don’t get enough water, but there are ways to ensure they stay happy and hydrated until you return.

1. Before you leave make sure you water all your plants as thoroughly as possible.

2. Keep plants in terracotta pots moist by sinking them into borders and watering the pots and surrounding soil. The moisture in the soil will permeate the pots.

3. If you have bigger plants, which can’t be moved, or if you are away for longer than a week, it may be worth looking into using an automatic irrigation system. A timer can be installed and set to water the plants as often as is needed.

4. Grouping plants together in trays can help them to conserve moisture and placing a sheet of shade netting over them will also help to reduce moisture loss.

5. If you have plants in containers, move them to a shady spot, as this will help to reduce their temperature and their need for water.

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