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Spilling the juice on strawberries

Posted on April 15, 2016 by Potter & Rest
If you’re new to GYO then strawberries are worth a try as they are easy to care for and deliver lovely, tasty results.

Strawberries take up little room, are easy to maintain and produce attractive flowers and delicious fruit.

You can grow them in the ground, in growbags, in hanging baskets or in patio pots. And you don’t need many plants to have good supply of fruit.

Growing strawberries in hanging basket ensures they’re kept out of the way of slugs.

It is also the perfect solution for those with smaller outdoor spaces wishing to maximise use.

Remember to water your plants daily during the growing season. If you’re unsure whether they need watering use your finger as a guide. Pop it into the soil and if it is wet, don’t water.

Once they flower, feed your strawberry plants every 10 days with a product that’s high in potassium, such as a tomato feed to help encourage fruit.

Our recommended varieties include:
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