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Nettles, slugs and time to wake-up from hibernation

Posted on April 05, 2016 by Potter & Rest

With signs of the weather improving and the longer evenings, here are six tasks to tackle in the garden this month:

1. Get on top of weeds especially nettles, thistles, bindweed and goutweed by digging out and burning the roots

2. Sweep and clean paths – power wash them if necessary and remove any algae and weeds

3. Slugs and snails will start to become a menace again, you can use beer or citrus skins on a daily basis to trap them or scatter pellets

4. The last of your leeks can be harvested now too

5. Ponds are coming to life and water plants are starting to grow. Thin out the oxygenating plants and divide marginal plants

6. Many mammals will be waking up from hibernation and birds will visit the untidy parts of the garden to collect grass stems, dead leaves, moss and bark to help them build a nest.

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