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March madness – pruning advice and lawn care

Posted on March 03, 2016 by Potter & Rest


  1. Roses and fruit trees should be trimmed back
  2. Perennial shrubs and ornamental trees will need pruning for shape
  3. Clip heathers and lavenders too
  4. Cut back loose hanging ivy branches and remove any that have attached themselves to guttering and wooden window frames
  5. Also cut late flowering clematis back to the ground
  6. Cut back buddleia to within six inches of the older wood. If you have a plant that has been neglected this can be cut to waist height.

Lawn care

  1. Repair any damage to the lawn by re-sowing bare areas with grass seed. Edges can be repaired with squares of turf
  2. Stay off the lawn until it is drier as in wet conditions it can be easily damaged.


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