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A magnificent seven reasons why Growing Your Own is good for you

Posted on January 06, 2016 by Potter & Rest
1. Selenium is a co-factor in helping the effectiveness of fruit and vegetables fight diseases. Selenium is rare in British soils, but is common in manure and manure-based fertilisers, and so is present in soils fed with these substances. And us gardeners love to dig in the manure!

Freshness is a major factor in the effectiveness of fruit and vegetables to fight disease, and the best way of getting the freshest produce available is to grow and harvest your own. So this GYO even if just in a small way with tubs on a balcony or patio.

Stress is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease and gardening is known to reduce stress.

Eating 400g (14oz) of fruit and vegetables a day provides protection against super oxide radicals; these are known to be major causes of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Although you don’t have to GYO to eat fresh fruit and veggies they are so much better for you if you pick and eat them on the same day.

There is increasing evidence that some fruit and veggies may not only protect against cancer, but actively slow the growth and in some cases kill cancer cells; e.g. brassicas may be able to kill cancer cells and watercress may be able to kill lung cancer cells. So when planning your veg beds think about including some of these very healthy options.

Vegetables provide more benefits than fruit - up to twice as much so it’s worth having a good array of veggies on your plot.

Variety is the key to life: it is important to eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables in as wide a range of colours as possible – something that gardeners are always doing as they’re keen to experiment with new things – such as multi-coloured carrots.
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