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Get into the festive spirit this year with a real Christmas tree

Posted on December 08, 2015 by Potter & Rest

Nothing beats the scent and sight of a real Christmas tree and once again this season a good selection of top quality real, British-grown trees will be available from us.

We take great pride in stocking only the best cut and potted trees. Each tree is hand pruned and individually assessed by our experts to ensure it meets our exacting standards.

One of the difficulties is the number of choices available. Gone are the days when it was just the size of the Norway Spruce that was the issue. Take a look at our selection of real Christmas trees here

The Norway Spruce is the traditional Christmas tree and it provides a distinctive Christmas tree scent to any home.

The Nordman, Noble and Fraser Firs are the ultimate in Christmas trees. Their luxury, proportioned looks and feel make them second to none. They also have little needle drop.

Nordman Fir trees bear lush green foliage and strong branches well suited to heavier decorations. Needle drop is minimal and they can be fairly broad, so you need plenty of space to show them off to maximum effect.

Blue Spruce are similar to the Norway Spruce with the bonus of being a fantastic bright silvery blue colour. They have a slightly better needle retention than the green equivalent.

Living pot-grown trees have a full root system. After Christmas this type of tree has a chance of survival when planted in the garden. Even if you care for your pot grown tree there is no guarantee that it will survive after Christmas in the garden.

In order to get a potted tree to survive put it into the house as close to Christmas as possible, preferably after a period in a cold greenhouse or conservatory and then bring it back outside as soon as possible after Christmas. Keep it well watered throughout this time.

With cut trees remove the netting when you arrive home and allow the tree to regain its natural shape. Cut perhaps around one or two inches off the bottom of the trunk and stand the tree in a bucket of water outside until you are ready to bring it into the house. The later it is brought into the house the better the needle retention for all types of trees.

Choose a position in your house away from direct heat and radiators and keep it upright in a stand that will hold water. Keep the water topped up as regularly as you can.

Whereas many people now prefer to have an artificial tree with none of the fuss and needle issues (and most now are very realistic) there is a joy with a real tree.

Real trees are carbon neutral, they are recyclable and non-toxic. After Christmas local councils will collect trees for recycling. The shredded trees can be used as mulch or for soil improvement.

Wanted to get all the best advice on how to select and care for your real Christmas tree this year? Why not get in touch with us and you will receive free tips on picking the best tree and caring for it at home.

Our gurus can give handy hints on how to improve air circulation, preventing the tree from overheating in the middle and avoiding needle loss.

We also offer a variety of Christmas decorations and lights to create the perfectly decorated tree.

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