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Tree mythology

Posted on November 28, 2015 by Potter & Rest

Trees are a vital part of our lives and they seem to have always been highly esteemed. Here are a few of the ways they have been symbolised and revered through the ages:

1. In 600 BC, the Celts planted trees in the names of their children. The planting allowed the child’s imagination to live in the earth and the wind.

2. The goddesses of fate are supposed to sit at the base of any tree planted for a child. They water the roots in time with the waxing, fullness and waning of the moon.

3. The Celts also had a tree alphabet and calendar in which each letter represented a particular tree, bird and herb.

4. Ancient tribes believed the Tree of Life symbolised Earth Mother. Growing out of Mother Earth, it produced the fruits of knowledge and life.

In Christianity, the Tree Of Life is said to stand in the centre of the Garden of Eden uniting heaven and earth, and opening a path to God.

The Roman god Attis lent his spirit to the pine tree, which became the maypole and initiated the Midsummer Day Festival of Joy.

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