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Eleven lovely things to do in the garden this month…

Posted on August 24, 2015 by Potter & Rest
As we head towards September, here are 11 things to do in the garden...

1. Start to collect seeds from flowering plants. Pick the seed heads when they are just turning brown and put them in a paper bag, label and hang somewhere cool, dark and dry

2. Poinsettias should be kept in the dark for 14 hours a day and then in full light for the remaining 10 hours. This should encourage the formation of the red bracts

3. Harvest onions, shallots and garlic when their necks collapse and turn brown and papery

4. Continue to earth up celery and if you want to blanch it put a layer of paper between the stems and soil, this will give the vegetable a milder taste

5. Raise marrows off the ground to prevent them from rotting

6. To avoid blossom end rot water tomatoes consistently

7. Apples and pears can begin to be harvested

8. Give indoor plants a good water and move them away from sunny windows in hot weather

9. If you are going on holiday make arrangements to keep your garden watered. If it isn’t possible for a friend or neighbour to do this try to move any pots to a shady, damp part of the garden and cluster together. Water well before you leave and mulch the surface of the soil to retain the moisture

10. Start dividing perennials at the end of the month

11. On hot days damp down greenhouses to maintain humidity levels. 


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