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Ten top tips for organic gardening

Posted on August 19, 2015 by Potter & Rest

If you’re thinking of going organic in the garden, then here are our 10 free expert tips:

1. Manage the whole garden organically – not just the fruit and vegetables.
2. Make the garden ‘wildlife friendly’, encouraging natural creatures to control pests.
3. Learn to distinguish pests from predators.
4. Make soil care a priority.
5. Make compost and leaf mould to feed the soil. You can turn your unwanted, wind-blown, autumn leaves into invaluable, nutritious leaf mould with our two loose weave hessian sacks. Our Kitchen top compost bin is also very handy for collecting kitchen waste for composting.
6. Reuse and recycle to cut down on the use of limited resources and reduce disposal problems.
7. Use organically grown seeds as much as possible.
8. Consider the environmental implications when choosing materials for hard landscaping, fencing, soil improvement and so on.
9. Collect rain water, and reduce the need for watering by improving the soil and growing appropriate plants.
10. Control weeds without herbicides.


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