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How to sow your own beetroot

Posted on July 20, 2015 by Potter & Rest

July is the ideal month to sow your own beetroot.

If you grew your own spuds (maincrop) and have dug them, then sow your beetroot seeds in the soil these were grown in.

Alternatively use any patch of fertile soil or even a suitable container will do if you just have a patio or balcony garden.

Create rows 12-30cm apart depending on the space available. Make sure you use labels (insert link) to mark your rows and pop the sowing date on them too.

Keep your rows watered and weeded. After three to four weeks thin out the plants to give the remaining plants space to develop but you can eat the baby leaves from the seedlings you remove in salads.

You should be able to harvest your beetroots after six weeks and you can leave them in the ground until the first frosts if you wish.

If you have a glut of beetroots you can always pickle them too and they last for ages then!

Varieties we’d recommend you try include: 

Beetroot Boltardy 

It is one of the best beetroots and a gardener’s favourite. Good quality, round, dark-red, well-flavoured roots up to 10cm across, with deep red, crisp, sweet flesh. 

Beetroot Rainbow Beet 

Visually stunning, five variety mixture of both skin and sliced flesh colours, with contrasting colour shades of stems and leaves. 

Beetroot Chioggia

An unusual, easy to grow, space saving beetroot with rosy pink outer skin and an intriguing ‘bullseye’ combination of rosy-red and white on the inside. This fades to soft pink when cooked adding interest to salads. 

Need to get some beetroot seeds? The good news is we sell seeds all year round. 

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