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Posted on July 16, 2015 by Potter & Rest

It’s National Cherry Day! If you want to know more about the fruit and grow some of your own, then read on…

During the past 50 years in Britain our cherry orchards have declined significantly and now approximately 95% of all cherries are imported. Sad times!

The aim of National Cherry Day is to raise awareness of our home grown heroes and to encourage us all to eat British fruit. The event organisers say: “If everyone eats one home-grown cherry each, the future of British cherries will be looking up in no time!”

It was those gardening-friendly Romans that brought cherries first to this country from Persia. It is claimed that you can see where they marched as they ate cherries en route and spat out the stones, which later grew into trees.

Nowadays just 10 cherries can make up one of your five a day and they are known to help fight diseases and aid sleep and have properties that offer pain relief and fight against aging.

The good news is you can eat them on their own and if you have a bowl of cherries on your desk at work then it beats snacking on sugary treats!

How else can you eat them? They are also great with duck and are perfect with cheesecake.

So if you think you fancy growing some of your own then we’d recommend:

Cherry (Prunus) ‘Stella’

A self-fertile (so does not need a pollinator) eating cherry that comes either as a fan-trained tree or a bush. It has large dark red, reliable, sweet juicy cherries with a good flavour. Pick late July.

Cherry (Prunus) ‘Sweetheart®’

A self-fertile, bush, eating cherry that is very early flowering with fruit that is firm with a good flavour.  Pick in late August. Flowers in April/May with white blossoms.

Cherry (Prunus) ‘Sunburst’

A self-fertile, half-standard eating cherry with large fruits that have a great, sweet flavour and texture. Pick in late July. Charming white blossom in spring. Suitable for a lawn, orchard or fruit garden. British-grown.

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