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Not sure what to plant this month?

Posted on June 03, 2015 by Potter & Rest

In June if you’re in the mood for some planting and aren’t sure what you should be doing now then here’s what we suggest:

1. Plant out dahlias

2. If you haven’t done so, plant out summer bedding plants into borders, containers and hanging baskets

3. Sow salad crops in succession to ensure a continuous harvest

4. Courgettes, cucumbers, tomatoes and other tender crops can be planted outside

5. Earth up maincrop potatoes

6. Houseplants can be put outside this month, but remember to take them back inside in September

7. Grasses can still be planted this month

8. Lift and divide bulbs that have finished flowering such as bluebells, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips.

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