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Posted on May 25, 2015 by Potter & Rest

Yesterday we told you all about the best plants for butterflies and today it’s all about bees and getting the buzz factor into your outdoor space.

Plants to attract bees:

1. Comfrey is a common wildflower and is loved by bees. It will grow in most areas, but prefers damp places

2. Red and white clover is another good choice and is also popular with rare bee species as well as common ones. It is best planted in a border or meadow area

3. Greater knapweed produces large purple flowers and attracts both bees and butterflies

4. Some types of bumblebees have long tongues, which mean they are attracted to certain flowers, such as honeysuckle and foxgloves

5. Lavender is another favourite for bees as they are attracted to its colour.

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