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Time to get fired-up

Posted on February 26, 2015 by Potter & Rest

While BBQs will always have a place in our outdoor spaces, mankind’s primordial need to sit around a fire under the stars, combined with today’s need to extend the life of our gardens, means everyone is after a flaming statement piece in 2015.

A necessity for survival has been re-invented as a necessity for garden comfort. Fires can be both stylish and eco-friendly. They also provide the means for you to enjoy your outdoor space on cooler evenings and when the nights start to draw in.

So here are a few pointers if you’re planning a real fire outback: 

1. Before you make any changes to your patio or garden and any investment, consider all the issues related to safety and the environment. For example, is it going to be correctly ventilated if you are having a built in feature? In a built up area you do need to think about the smoke too. It may be applicable to get advice from an expert before you start any serious building work.

2. You can spend thousands on your fire if you employ a garden designer and builder to plan it all out and create it for you. Or you could buy a fire basket and combine it with freestanding benches, chairs, tables and lanterns to cultivate the look you are after.

3. If you have a small space then go for braziers, fire bowls and baskets.

4. If you want a fire that looks good but doesn’t necessarily give warmth then consider a fake gel option.

5. When the weather is really dire, some outdoor fires will need extra care and attention to keep them maintain. Stainless steel and copper firepits or bowls need to come inside when not in use. Cast iron and cast aluminium models can be left outside all year round.

6. A wood burning fire is ideal for the eco-conscious as wood absorbs as much carbon while growing as it releases when burnt.

7. If you want to have a gas powered, built-in fire than look into cleaner-burning propane.

8. And for the eco-friendly who wish to use electric options, you could always swap energy provider and opt for a green tariff for example from www.ecotricity.co.uk.

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