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Posted on February 25, 2015 by Potter & Rest

Picture a recent sunny, but cold, blue sky day and imagine the waft of honey fragrance reaching your nose…it’s the scent from the flowers on a group of sarcococcas planted together.

Winter garden fragrances come principally from flowering shrubs and bulbs. Shrubs close to paths are best as when you go by them you get a wonderful whiff.

Five of the best winter fragrances include: 

1. Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’ – honey and almond-scented flowers.

2. Sarcococca hookeriana – strongly scented of honey.

3. Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Aphrodite’ – zesty blooms.

4. Lonicera standishii – lemony scented flowers.

5. Sarcococca confuse – honey scented flowers.

In spring these scent-sational perfumes will make way for other fragrances such as: 

1. Choisya ‘Aztec Gold’ – almond-scented white flowers.

2. Clematis Montana ‘Fragrant Spring’ – this is the best fragrant clematis around.

3. Nemesias – for example ‘Wisley Vanilla’. Scented nemesias like this one have perfumed flowers that can fill a patio with a heady scent while their dainty blooms are very pleasing to the eye too. This one smells as its name suggests of heavenly vanilla.

4. Scented viola ‘Etain’ – a wonderful variety of viola with beautiful creamy flowers with lavender tinges and a sensational scent.

5. Crown Princess™ (Auswinter) – a rose with superb, large apricot orange rosettes that have a strong, fruity scent.


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