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What to do in the garden now

Posted on January 21, 2015 by Potter & Rest

Even if the weather is keeping you indoors there’s plenty to be doing at this time of year. So start by making a ‘to do’ list to help get yourself motivated to get out there once everything improves. Here are a few tasks to be getting on with later in January or early in February:

1. Mulch around the base of your fruit trees
2. Cut autumn-fruiting raspberries back to ground level. 
3. Keep your rhubarb cosseted with straw and forced under a cover for early stems.
4. Prune late-summer flowering shrubs such as buddleias.
5. Lime the soil where brassicas are to be planted. 
6. Get yourself some hazel or birch pea sticks in readiness for the peas you’ll be growing later on 

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