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HTA Plant of the Month – Helleborus

Posted on January 17, 2015 by Potter & Rest

The Horticultural Trade Association’s (HTA) Plant of the Month celebrates the best-selling plants every month throughout the year.

This month the HTA is championing the Helleborus. Sometimes known as the Christmas or Lenten rose, it is the jewel of the winter garden, flowering reliably from late winter to early spring.

It’s great for brightening up the garden during the cooler months such as January thanks to its elegant flowers and attractive leaves. It also produces flowers in a variety of colours from green to white, cream, pink and purple to almost black.

There are approximately 20 different species of Hellebore including herbaceous, evergreen and perennial flowering plants. They are often used for decorative purposes and their resistance to frost makes them a popular choice of plant for this time of year.

They are best planted in herbaceous borders between deciduous shrubs and trees, they look great among snowdrops, primulas and shrubs.

TV gardener David Domoney, who creates garden designs for the Royal Horticultural Society shows, fronts TV programmes such as 'Love your Garden' and is the resident garden expert on ITV's This Morning programme', is also championing the plant this month. 

David said: “Flowering Hellebores make you wonder at the beauty and resilience of nature as they open beautiful flowers in the depth of winter. The diversity of the colour and blooms together with integrated shaped emerald green foliage across many varieties make this a perfect first choice as the calendar year starts.”

*Image of David - credit to HTA.

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