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Create your own hazel structure

Posted on June 13, 2017 by Potter & Rest

It’s a romantic vision to have rustic wigwams but they can look wonderful on your allotment, veg patch or beds.

And it’s not as starry-eyed as you’d imagine to achieve your very own sweet pea, pea and runner bean idyll.

Hazel can be much more visually appealing than bamboo garden canes and it has been used by man since Neolithic times.  It is very versatile too.

The twiggier, thinner sticks are perfect for pea sticks and the longer poles are good supports for beans and sweet peas.

Hazel pea sticks

Perfect for supporting your pea plants. Traditional, natural, British hazel pea sticks.

Hazel bean rods

Perfect for supporting your climbing beans. Traditional, natural, British hazel bean rods.

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