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Will we get snow this Christmas?

Posted on November 22, 2014 by Potter & Rest

Snow at Christmas is traditional isn’t it? We’ve linked the two since the Victorian times. But it was Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ in 1843 that really ensured the two would be linked in our psyches forever.

Many festive greeting cards since the mid 19th century have also connected them. Our image of Christmas is invariably dusted with the white stuff and we’ll all be sledging, tobogganing and building a snowman.

But when has the snow ever really been ‘deep and crisp and even’? Those older carols are referring back to the mid-14th to mid-19th century when the expansion of the polar caps regularly caused the Thames to freeze over.

Around a million pounds is bet every year on the likelihood of snow falling on December 25, despite the fact that on average it happens just once a decade. For the bookies to pay out just one snowflake needs to fall on the roof of the BBC weather centre in London on the day. The downside is London is less likely to have snow.

Also our 21st century weather patterns are less likely to bring snow in December as we’re having warmer, wetter winters generally, but there’s always some chance of snow in January or February...dust off your sledges!

But if you need a wintery fix of flakes here’s a collection of ours:

Silver snowflake hanging decoration

A traditional yet trendy silver snowflake perfect for hanging off any Christmas tree in both a heritage and modern home.

Fused iridised snowflake

Pop this on your Christmas tree and watch it as it turns in the light. Then count how many delicate rainbow colours you can see. Something to keep for years to come.

Pack of five wooden snowflake pegs

Hand decorated wooden pegs for hanging Christmas cards.

Tree with snow

A contemporary LED tree for your Christmas decorations. Dress it how you wish and some of our customers even keep this tree up all year as a living room feature.

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