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How to make an autumn/winter wreath

Posted on November 12, 2014 by Potter & Rest

Even though the weather has changed recently there are still some dry and warmer spells when you can get out into the garden and the countryside to collect berries, burnished leaves and hips and haws to help create a winter floral display or wreath.

Before you set off equip yourself with a basket, trug or bag to help carry your booty back home in, we recommend one of these:

Oval wire basket with wooden handles

Wooden trug

bibic Bag for Life

Also arm yourself with some sensible secateurs such as these: 

Chrysanthemum secateurs

Yeoman Bypass Secateur - YEO0621

Yeoman Easy Cut Ratchet Secateurs - YEO0269

And don’t forget your gloves:

Passiflora gloves

To create an autumn/winter leaf wreath first collect your leaves. Freshly fallen oak, beech and sycamore leaves work well. Flatten and dry them between sheets of old newspaper with a heavy book or two on top.

Store them in a dry place for a few days. Then using a ring of green Oasis, which can be purchased online or at good floristry shops. Push the leaves and a selection of twigs, berries and hips and haws into the Oasis, creating layers.

Work in a circular direction until you have built up the look you require and all the Oasis is covered.

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