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Remember, remember…

Posted on October 28, 2014 by Potter & Rest

…The fifth of November. If you’re enjoying bonfires and fireworks this November it is important to check for wildlife including hedgehogs before setting them alight.

Bonfires make great shelter for hedgehogs and other small animals as they like to crawl into the wood piles to hibernate. Unfortunately this can lead to injury or death if the bonfire piles are not checked before they are lit. It is crucial to check your bonfire or if possible re-site it before igniting.

You can safeguard your bonfire from critters by putting a one metre high chicken wire fence around the bottom of it. Hold it in place with stakes so the wire slopes outwards at an angle to make it difficult for wildlife to climb.

If you do come across a prickly resident in your bonfire then pop on a pair of garden gloves to pick it up. It’s important to also take as much of the nest as you can and place the hedgehog in a high-sided cardboard box with plenty of newspaper. Ensure there are air holes and that the lid is tightly secured.

Put the box in a safe place with some meaty cat/dog food and fresh water. Once the bonfire is completely dampened down, release the hedgehog under a hedge, bush or behind logs with more food and water.

Hedgehogs are in decline so this is of great importance.

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