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Create a wildlife garden

Posted on October 25, 2014 by Potter & Rest

The creation of a wildlife garden, or a wildlife area in your garden, will attract a diversity of wild creatures and go some way towards redressing the balance of human interference with nature, which has destroyed so many habitats in the countryside. Also, by helping hedgehogs, birds, bats, frogs and toads to survive the winter and providing places for them to raise their young, you will be rewarded by their helping to keep garden pests under control.

Your wildlife garden could include several of the following features: 

1. A wood pile
2. Compost heap
3. Hedges
4. Wildflowers & suitable plants
5. Wild corner
6. Rockery
7. Mini-pond/bog garden 

Also remember to include:

Hedgehog, bird & bat boxes: 

1. Providing nesting boxes for hedgehogs, birds and bats might encourage these creatures to reside in your garden, though tenancy cannot be guaranteed.

2. Place bird and bat boxes in trees with cover, but if you have no trees fix them on walls or fences, preferably in the cover of foliage from a climbing plant, and well away from the reach of cats and other predators.

3. Hedgehog boxes should be sited in a quiet spot hidden by ground covering plants, low shrubs or tree branches.

Bird bath and table: 

1. A bird bath provides birds with somewhere to drink and bathe (feather cleaning is essential) and a bird table holding a variety of foods will attract various feathered friends. Peanuts in dispensers are favoured by Blue Tits, Coal Tits and Great Tits, but Greenfinches, Nuthatches, Siskins and even Woodpeckers might be seen pecking at the nuts.

2. Seeds and specially purchased bird food sprinkled on the table will attract Finches, Robins, Sparrows and Starlings.

3.Half a fresh coconut provides much needed energy for small birds.


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