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Gardening jobs for every night of the week

Posted on September 22, 2014 by Potter & Rest

Here are seven jobs you can be getting on with in the garden this week:

Day 1
Plant perennials for autumn colour. Looking particularly good at the moment are sedums and they are great for the wildlife in your garden too.

Day 2
Plant prepared hyacinth bulbs in time for Christmas.

Day 3
Tidy up your summer-fruiting raspberry canes/bushes. Cut old, brown stems down to the ground and reduce the new green canes to five per plant.

Day 4
Time for a tidy up – give your shed and/or greenhouse a good clean out and get rid of the debris and olds and ends that have gathered in it during the spring and summer. Organise and wash labels for re-use next year and get all your tools in good order. 

Day 5
Any pots, plant and seed trays you are keeping for next year will need a good wash in warm, soapy water. A decent washing up liquid is fine to use, rinse and leave to air dry, preferably in the sun before storing together ready for the spring.(we do have some individual clay pot pics in the Nov folder in P&R and they are on the website too so you could use these to illustrate this one?)

Day 6
Sow a wildflower seed mix in readiness for next spring. 

Day 7
Plant up a tub of spring-flowering bulbs – go for one type, variety and colour, such as tulips, to give a dramatic splash of colour that really turns heads! Try the dramatic, yet highly attractive, Tulip Queen of the Night

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