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Naturalising bulbs

Posted on September 12, 2014 by Potter & Rest

Naturalising bulbs means growing them in grass instead of borders. Autumn is the perfect time to plant spring-flowering bulbs as grass should be short and the bulbs will flower in time for the spring, creating brightly coloured lawns and verges.

To start, cut the top turf layer and roll it back. Fork over the area to be planted and scatter bulbs randomly to avoid a ‘contrived’ effect, you can then plant them where they fall. Clumping 20 or more bulbs together can look great, especially if they can be allowed to ‘spill’ down a hill or slope.

Crocus, tulips and daffodil/narcissus bulbs are great for short grassed areas and are the most suited to naturalising.

As shoots appear above the soil spread a balanced fertiliser. After flowering, do not mow the lawn for at least six weeks, to allow for the foliage to mature. But you can mow around the perimeter to keep things looking neat.

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