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The plight of the pollinators

Posted on September 08, 2014 by Potter & Rest


Pollinators in the UK need our help. The population of bees and butterflies is declining rapidly due to over-development, habitat destruction, and diminishing plant diversity, but there are a few things we can all be doing in our own gardens to help.

1. Let patches of land grow wild. If you can spare a little patch of your garden to grow as it pleases this will attract lots of bees and butterflies. If you don’t fancy letting it grow too wild or out of control you can keep things looking neat by sowing some wildflowers, which attract pollinators. Check out our blog for some ideas.

2. Cut grass less often. Bees really enjoy spending time on lawns as they can be a good food sources but if you do need to give the lawn a bit of a trim watch out for our winged-friends when doing so.

3. Avoid disturbing or destroying nesting or hibernating insects, in places like grass margins, bare soil, hedgerows, trees, dead wood or walls.

4. Think carefully about using pesticides. There are lots of natural alternatives, which simply trap insects instead of killing them. Why not give these a go?

5. Grow more flowers, shrubs and trees as these provide nectar and pollen as food for bees and other pollinators. Check out our blog for a list of bee-friendly plants you could grow. £1 from each plant sold is donated to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

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