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Keep your garden secure

Posted on August 28, 2014 by Potter & Rest

Many people forget how easy it could be for a thief to get into their garden so it is important to think about how to keep your outside area secure.

Barbecues, bird tables, patio furniture and solar lighting are just some of the items that may appeal to the light fingered. Below are some useful tips for ensuring your garden is secure this summer:

Potential intruders can be put off by clever planting, for example, a thick prickly hedge surrounding your garden can act as a deterrent. Berberis, holly, gorse and hawthorn are good choices.

To make it difficult to climb over fences and walls you could try planting climbing roses, chaenomeles or pyracantha.

Sheds are most inviting to garden thieves as this is where you store expensive tools and equipment. You should make sure your shed is robust and has been kept well maintained during the winter months.

Replace any screws and nails, securing hinges, handles and latches with dome headed bolts as this should prevent them from being screwed off. You should also fit good quality bolts and a hefty padlock to the door. If your shed has windows, put locks on them and add a wire mesh on the inside.

Wall anchors can be fitted inside sheds, outbuildings and garages and can be attached to valuable items such as mowers, power tools and bikes, but remember that they are only as secure as the surface they are fastened to. Alternatively, you can chain larger items such as mowers and bikes together before locking them to a wall anchor.

Motion activated alarms can also be fitted to sheds, greenhouses, conservatories and garages.

Check back soon for some more handy tips on keeping your garden secure.

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