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Something for the weekend

Posted on August 01, 2014 by Potter & Rest

If you’re planning to get out on the plot this weekend, then here are a few simple jobs you can be getting on with…

The first job on the list is deadheading, which will keep the garden tidy and keep plants producing more blooms, especially roses, dahlias and sweet peas.

Harvesting veg is another job you can have a go at this weekend and if you’re digging your potatoes now you could immediately sow some winter chard into the space, the very colourful Rainbow Chard is both visually very colourful and exciting, and looks good on the plate too.

Alternatively you could get some plants of winter greens such as sprouts, cauliflowers, savoy cabbage, spring greens, broccoli and plant these in immediately so they can put some growth on before winter.

Keep a close eye on slugs and snails, especially after rain during this warm spell. They will come out in huge numbers.

Time now to trim hedges, especially evergreens such as conifers, Escallonia and Griselinia.

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