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Relax in your garden

Posted on July 23, 2014 by Potter & Rest
We often go to our favourite place to relax, calm down and clear our minds. Surrounding ourselves with plants can be beneficial to our health, mood and well-being.

To create your own oasis it is important to choose the ideal spot, this could be a sunny, shaded or secluded area within your garden, patio or balcony. Try to think about decorating your retreat like you would a room in your house, here are a few tips:

Relaxation – enjoy the tranquil sound of a water feature, don’t forget to use aquatic plants, try using ‘marsh marigolds’, which will thrive at the edges of a stream or pond and are readily available at your local garden centre.

Sculptural – an imaginative sculptural plant in your garden will change the way you see things, adding height, shape and form can ensure your space is pleasing to the eye.

Well-being – fragrant plants are ideal for your corner retreat, let the scent of lavender calm you. Use other fragrant plants in pots or use as edging along a path. ‘Pelargoniums’ are perfect with their delicate pink flowers and unusual scented leaves – from sweet or spicy through to citrus.

Attraction – scented plants attract wildlife to your garden, including insects, birds and butterflies which we all enjoy watching.
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