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Jobs to do in the garden in July – planting and pruning

Posted on July 04, 2014 by Potter & Rest

July is the best time to get some planting done in preparation for the autumn and winter.

Autumn flowering bulbs including daffodils can be planted this month. You can also plant out brassicas such as Brussels sprouts, winter cabbages and sprouting broccoli.

It’s a good idea to sow chard and perpetual spinach this month if you haven’t done so and get those winter leeks planted too!

As well as planting you could be getting on with lots of pruning work too. You should dead head bedding plants and perennials to ensure continuous flowering and remove the leaves of early flowering vigorous plants to allow smaller flowers to come through and provide food for bees and butterflies.

You should pinch out chrysanthemum shoot tips to encourage them to branch and produce more flowering stems and remove seed heads from annuals to encourage more flowers.

Now is also the perfect time to trim hedges, such as hawthorn, beech, yew and leylandii, as well as cut back and feed roses that have finished their first blooms.

Don’t forget to prune early summer flowering shrubs, such as weigela, philadelphus and deutzia after they have bloomed too.

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