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Odd jobs to do in the garden in June

Posted on June 06, 2014 by Potter & Rest

So you’ve taken care of the pruning and the planting. You’ve cut everything back with your secateurs and you’ve taken care of the lawn, so what’s left?

1. We’ve still got a few odd jobs on our list that need doing.

2. Place straw or black polythene underneath strawberries to protect them from mud and slugs

3. Cover ripening fruit with netting to help protect them from birds

4. E
arly potatoes should be ready to dig up

5. Continue to hoe borders and beds to get rid of weeds

6. If there is a lot of sunshine try to shade and ventilate your greenhouse. Also, water any plants inside it more frequently

7. If planted early tie in sweet peas 

8. Continue to spray roses to control black spot and mildew, try to do this in the evening to avoid harming bees

9. Sheds, decking and fences can be given a coat of preservative or colour this month

10. Dry weather can reduce the amount of food available for birds and hedgehogs, keep water bowls topped up and provide extra food.

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