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Easy tomatoes

Posted on May 16, 2016 by Potter & Rest

It’s British Tomato Week this week and to celebrate we’re hoping to persuade more people to have a go at growing them.

You can’t beat the taste and smell of tomatoes you’ve grown yourself, they are great fun to grow and they are easy to grow too, even in a small space, so why not get yourself a couple of plants and have a go?

What’s the jargon?

Tomato types: cordons or bush varieties. No, don’t glaze over, this bit of info is important if you have a small space or a greenhouse and need to know what will be the best type of tomato to grow.

Cordons: grow tall so need support, such as canes, you need to remove their side shoots, these are shoots that appear between another shoot and the stem. After they have ‘set’ (created) four or five ‘trusses’ (side shoots with flowers on), you also need to remove their growing tip (the top of the plant). They are happiest in growbags.

Bush: are bushier by nature, produce smaller fruits, generally grow better outside and are happier in pots. No removal of rogue side shoots or the top of the plant is needed.


Watch out when watering – they do need plenty, but over doing it will make the fruits tasteless. Use the finger test. Pop your finger into the growbag or pot to check if it is dry or not. If it is dry, then water. Water also during the cooler times of the day, such as first thing in the morning before work or in the evenings. There is then less risk of the water evaporating.


They are hungry plants so feed well from when the first flowers appear.


A sunny spot, where the air circulation is good.

Recommended varieties:

Eating and storing them

Eat them straight from the plant, wash them first, and use them in sandwiches and salads or you can make soup and sauces and freeze them.

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