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Grow wild!

Posted on May 23, 2014 by Potter & Rest
Even if you just have a small patio you can create a wildlife haven on your doorstep with a little careful planning. Here are our suggestions on how to go wild in your outdoor space this year...

  • Select native plants that provide flowers and fruits in different seasons, as they will provide food all year round.
  • If you’re short on space use climbers such as ivy and clematis – they provide places for birds to nest and butterflies to rest.
  • Rather than creating fences to divide off areas, plant native hedges – they provide perfect shelters for birds and small mammals.

Build a bug resort

  • Plant pollen rich plants such as buddleia, lavender and sedums 
  • Butterflies aren’t keen on the shade so plant in a sunny spot
  • Build a log pile or a bug hotel – the former will provide a home for slow worms and field mice.

Let it grow...

  • Leave areas of lawn uncut – long grass is great for insects.
  • Plant a wildflower meadow. 
  • Don’t pull up your nettles as they attract butterflies.

Mammals matter too

  • Plant fruiting plants and trees as windfall helps feed mice and hedgehogs.
  • Plant hazel to help encourage dormice who love to create homes in them.
  • Get bat boxes or create places where they can make their own homes in holes in trees on buildings.
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