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Three of the best… watering cans

Posted on May 20, 2014 by Potter & Rest

When the weather is warm its important you not only rehydrate yourselves but also your plants too. Here’s our pick of three of the best watering cans to do the job.

10ltr (2.2 gal) Vintage watering can

Available in burgundy or cream. This traditional watering can is perfect for watering in big gardens thanks to its 10ltr capacity. It also comes with a sturdy, ergonomic handle and is made from Galvanised steel.

4.5ltr (1 gal) Metal watering can – heritage

Available in heritage blue, heritage green, heritage mink and heritage cream, this strong metal watering can is just the thing you need for watering in the garden. It can hold 4.5ltrs of water making it comfortable and convenient to carry.

2.3ltr (1/2 gal) Indoor watering can

Plants that are housed indoors get dehydrated too so don’t forget about them. Give them regular drinks with this small watering can, ideal for house and conservatory plants.

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